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Aloha Championships

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All Teams coming to these events are required to book through THS into a partner hotel in order to be eligible to compete. If you have questions or concerns or do not see a hotel on the list that meets your needs‐‐ please contact or and they will be happy to assist you in finding a housing solution through THS for your team.

Exemptions from partner housing:

There will be no exemptions given to teams from partner housing. All teams must book through THS into a partner hotel for this event. Individual athlete exemptions may be granted in certain circumstances. The team or gym contact can e‐mail to request an exemption on behalf of an individual athlete. *please note we do not accept parent requests for exemptions. Parent requests will be directed back to their coach or team contact.


Those athletes whose gym is 60 miles or less from the competition venue AND who are driving to and from the competition and home each day of the event are considered commuters. *If your athletes are staying overnight within 60 miles of the competition venue—they are not commuters and will be required to book through THS into a partner hotel in order to be eligible to compete.

Helpful Tips for Booking:

  • Decide a booking method that works for your team/gym. Our system can accommodate all parents booking individually, a group booking one block at one hotel or a mix of both styles of booking. If you have questions about what methodology would be best for your group please contact

  • Remind your parents or persons setting up housing for your group to include your team name (worded and spelled the same way) so all the reservations can be tied to the same group to maximize benefits.

  • All athlete names staying in room should be entered in appropriate fields as this is the only way to clear the athletes through tournament officials to compete.

  • Premium Hotels within walking distance to venues will sell out very quickly and come with firm cut‐off dates for confirming room pick‐up. Please pay close attention and adhere to all deadlines to ensure that your block will not go back into general inventory.

  • Do not book with a hotel directly, all reservations must go through THS in order to be eligible for the competition.

  • If you have parents that need to wait to make reservations 2 weeks or less before the event, please direct them to the main link above. At that point in time a city‐wide THS Direct link will be set‐up to clear athletes and take care of last minute housing needs. (please Note) this THS direct link does not work for multiple‐ room reservations, it is for last minute individual reservations only.

  • We are here to help you find a housing solution that works for you, please contact with any questions or concerns about your housing needs for this event.


Why has ALOHA SPIRIT Championships gone with this new program?

Quite simply, it has become the only way that we can continue to get the desirable hotels, in the exciting cities, with the premium competition venues on the dates you want! Hotels request that we do this so they can fill their properties. The Convention and Visitor's Bureaus love Partner Perfect Hotels because they can get an accurate reporting on what impact our event had on their city which in turn gets relayed to the facilities‐‐ so that we can get the space we need to run a good event on the dates you want! By staying in our partner properties you are patronizing the hotels who TRULY value your business and who have jumped in and said they want to work with us to host a great event in this city! When we all work together EVERYONE WINS!